When you come to the beach, Somewhere near the stairs will be a Walton County Beach Attendant. They are very noticeable. They wear blue beach attendant tank tops, and also sit by a sign that says, “ South Walton Beach Service Association.” Once you locate them you just tell them your first and last name and they set you up. Chairs are only set up upon your arrival to the beach. If you leave the beach without informing the attendant, there is a big chance he will take down your chairs.

Walton Dunes: 320 Beachfront Trail

Inlet: 139 S Orange Street

One Seagrove: 57 Seagrove Place

Beachwood Villas: 3799 E County Hwy 30A

Holly: S Holly Street

395: 2743 E County Hwy 30A

Nightcap: S Nightcap Street

Gulfview Heights/ Goatfeathers: 186 Gulfview Heights Street

Spooky: S Spooky Lane

Ed Walline: 447 W County Hwy 30A

West Allen Loop: 5605 W County Hwy 30a

Walton Lakeshore: 2025 S Walton Lakeshore Drive

Wall Street: 264 Wall Street

Santa Clara/ Bramble: 3568 E County Hwy 30a

Andalusia: S Andalusia Avenue 

Greenwood: 118 Montgomery Street

Live Oak: S Live Oak Street

Hickory: S Hickory Street

Gardenia: 3005 E County Hwy 30A

Van Ness Butler Jr: 1931 E County Hwy 30a

Grayton: 288 Garfield Street

Blue Mountain: 2365 S County Hwy 83

Fort Panic: 5753 W County Hwy 30a

Dune Allen: 5999 W County Hwy 30a

Camellia/ Azalea: S Azalea Street